Sunday, 31 July 2011

Flats and Festivals

Moving day has finally been and gone! I mentioned in previous posts that my flatmates and I would be moving into a new home come July for our 3rd year at university and we're finally here! It feels good to be in a new home and this house definitely fits all 9 of us. (9 people, what were we thinking..)
We all selected what room we wanted prior to moving in, and I think everyone is quite happy with what they ended up with. With 9 people in a house you'd expect it to be quite cramped and small but it's actually a pretty huge house.
The room I got is a lot bigger than what I'm used to and I already feel lost in it. The ceiling is just so high!

I've been looking through my photos from the last few weeks in an attempt to find news and remember what I've been up to, but I think the only exciting thing would be T in the Park.
For those who aren't aware, T is a festival in Scotland and this year was my first time at a festival!
I went with my mum on the Saturday, and met up with my flatmate and fellow blogger Fiona and her fiance Tom, and then again with my mum, Steve and Michael on the Sunday.
It was also my opportunity to see one of my favourite bands, Foofighters. Who I greeted to the stage most enthusiastically. They did not disappoint!
Check out the horrible grey sky in the background! Scottish weather is terrible, so glad I opted for wellies.

Hope everyone's summer is going well!