Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Wee Walk.

Fiona, Tom and I took a walk around Kirkmichael the other day with Arthur, who is Fiona's new puppy! 
He's been living with us for a few days now and he's the cutest little thing. The walk was really nice too and I managed to collect another pinecone for my small collection. 

The picture above is a funny little incident involving fiona giving me a lift over the mud because I wore the wrong shoes. We managed to get stuck, it was one of the funniest things. I remember being really shattered for the rest of the day after that! 
Louisa, my other flatmate, eventually came back from France that day too and our flat became whole for the first time. 
Living alone here since July has been quite lonely, but I'm really glad that the other two are finally moved in. For those of you who live alone, you'll know how it can get sometimes. When the house creaks I immediately think someone is coming to kill me. However, that is all over now and the house is alive with noise. It's good.