Sunday, 28 August 2011

Life Update

So recently I've been a bored out of my mind. 
I really wish I could take something away from this summer because I haven't been working or snowed under with things to do, however all I seem to want to do is watch meaningless TV programs, produce pretty pictures on photoshop and plan little walks into town.
It's a shame because next week I'm going to be back at university and starting a part time job, so my free time will be limited. 
My motivation has left me this summer. 
I guess it has been nice not doing anything and catching up on sleep, but I'm really looking forward to getting back into a routine. I miss that feeling of constantly having a due date in the back of my mind and it slowly pushing me to do something.

My other news includes: 

  • My dad decided to buy me a macbook pro! - I was originally going to start saving up for one and asked a few of my relatives to donate money instead of presents for my birthday this year, so that I could get started. One of those people was my my dad, who asks me every year what I would like. After hearing that I was saving up he very kindly offered to buy the entire thing for me! A generous gift indeed! 
  • Remember those lovely boots I got? - well I had to take them back.. They keep scuffing and flaking away far too easily and after my second pair I gave up on them. It makes me sad because they were so comfortable and went with nearly everything in my wardrobe. 
  • I'm in love with this song - Turn and Turn Again by All Thieves
  • I've started to paint again - I don't know how long this will last but for now it's going smoothly. 
  • A few of my flatmates move home soon - One moved back today and the others will be joining us next week along with Michael. This makes me happy. 
  • I start my job tomorrow! - I'm a bit nervous about this one because I haven't had a job since I worked in the chemist in 2009. Luckily I'll only be working 1-2 times a week so it shouldn't be stressful juggling it with university at all! 

That's all I can think of for now.  Now back to Greys anatomy and my new favourite, Private Practice!


Monday, 8 August 2011

Rule No.1: Everyone must drink from a teacup.

Hello! The party on Saturday was a major success so I thought I would just post a few (okay a lot, there were just too many to choose from) pictures from the evening! I put them all into one large photo so you aren't scrolling through picture upon picture.

Those were my favourites I think, and I definitely recommend drinking alcohol from teacups as it's such an amusing idea. The hats really add to the fun too and we kept swapping all night. You may have noticed that there's a girls face on a wooden spoon and that's because it was my flatmate Catie's birthday too, but unfortunately she couldn't be with us that night. She was away on holiday, the lucky thing!
The middle picture is a necklace with the deathly hallows on it that I received from my lovely friends back home, and said I would wear on the night.

In preparation for the party I also made some bunting from wrapping paper and ribbon for the kitchen! It was held together with these cute flower shaped split pins I had, and was a cheap alternative! It also meant I could put whatever I want on it, which turned out to be owls, of course! It was so simple to make and I think it turned out really well.
However, I don't think there's any sign of it in the pictures above so here's a few shots I took before it was put it up in the kitchen.

And to finish I would just love to thank my amazing flatmates for the gifts they got me.
My flatmates got me these, How cool are they?!

I'm in love with the bookends, one can never have too many owls in her room!


Friday, 5 August 2011

I know I'm 4 days late in saying this, but hoorah for August!

August is one of my favourite months of the year, mainly because my birthday is in August.
My birthday is today actually!
Hence the inspiration and random August love. I would also like to apologize for the amount of times I've said August so far..

A quick internet search has lead me to believe that it's International Beer Day, how cool is that? I don't think I've ever celebrated the holiday because I'm not much of a beer fan, which really makes me wish that I did drink it. How handy is it to have your birthday on an international drinking holiday, it's the perfect excuse!

Birthday plans for today include a quick trip into town to find a nice pair of black heels, because I foolishly forgot to bring mine up with me to the new flat, and some lovely friends from back home are coming up for a visit!
Tomorrow night we're also having a party at the flat with drink being served in teacups! I went into town on Thursday to try and find a cheap tea set that we could use to create a tea party type atmosphere and came back with a teapot and set of 8 cups and saucers for £12! Sure they look like a set your grandmother would have, but hey! I think that adds to the charm!

Here's a rundown on some the lovely gifts I have received..

My mum got me this purse from Wales and I love it, it's so so soft!
The boots I asked for, I saw them in Next and just loved how comfy they looked. I'm all about the comfort ;)
The perfume is called Deisel Plus Plus. My Aunt got it for me a few years ago and I recently ran out so I asked if she would get me some again! 

So I'm going to go enjoy my day now and have some Nutella on toast, YUM.

I would also like to say happy birthday to everyone else who's birthday is in August!