Sunday, 13 November 2011

I eventually got around to watching Submarine this evening. I remember reading a review of it in Total Film ages ago and making a mental note to give it a watch. The movie is set in Wales and directed by Richard Ayoade, who based it on the book 'Submarine' by Joe Dunthorne. I haven't read it yet but now plan too. 
Submarine is about a young boy called Oliver Tate who narrates the movie in his brilliant Welsh accent. I was going to give you a rundown of the story but I think I'm just going to post the book description from Amazon; 

'The dryly precocious, soon-to-be-fifteen-year-old hero of this engagingly offbeat debut novel, Oliver Tate lives in the seaside town of Swansea, Wales. At once a self-styled social scientist, a spy in the baffling adult world surrounding him, and a budding, hormone-driven emotional explorer, Oliver is stealthily (and perhaps a bit more nervously than he’d ever admit) nosing his way forward through the murky and uniquely perilous waters of adolescence. His objectives? Uncovering the secrets behind his parents’ teetering marriage, unraveling the mystery that is his alluring and equally quirky classmate Jordana Bevan, and understanding where he fits in among the pansexuals, Zoroastrians, and other mystifying, fascinating beings in his orbit.'

The movie wasn't what I expected it to be, but I must admit I loved it. What was the most fascinating to me was the way in which it was filmed. It had a very homemade, vintage feel too it. I particularly loved the scene where Jordana a takes pictures of them kissing for blackmail.

I recommend giving it a watch! 
I don't really do movie reviews on this blog but I wanted to mention this one because I loved it so much and thought it was quite a quirky and interesting film. 
If you watch it, I hope you enjoy it! 

(pictures are not mine obviously, I got them from google. ha.)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Today my grandparents came to visit me in Dundee and we decided to go a walk through Balgay park. It was such a nice walk and I took so many photos! The colours of the leaves when the sun was shining was amazing, it really feels like autumn has come. 

My gran wanted to have a look at the observatory so we trekked up to the top of hill and went to look at the telescope, which was run by a very nice guy who you can tell really loves space and stuff.. ha. Like a child trapped within a man. 
He showed me the tiger eye heart, which is in one of the pictures below. It is apparently my birthstone, although I always thought mine was the clear quartz! It was pretty though so I took it home with me.

The place was really quiet, we were practically the only ones there. On top of the building there's this shadow clock that allows you to stand on the correct month and it tells you the time according to the position of the sun, like a human sun dial! 
The place didn't have much else to offer, but the walk up was lovely. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I seem to be getting exceedingly more excited with every holiday we have. Halloween last year I was a little bit enthusiastic and this year that grew and I was even worse!
(This is not taking into account christmas, which I adore at home and look forward to every year.)

I got to celebrate Halloween twice this year. Once in my hometown on Glasgow and the other in my house in Dundee. 
Halloween in Glasgow was amazing. It was really fun to see my friends from back home, we had such a blast catching up and dancing. I usually don't like dancing at clubs, it's not really my type of night out, but it's always fun when you decide to just let loose and not care that you can't dance. Which I can't, however hard I may try. 

In Dundee we decided to have a party at our flat to celebrate instead of going out, simply because it's less hassle and we get to remain warm and stress free! 
It was incredibly fun this year, our party was really busy and lively. The costumes really were fabulous, some had gone above and beyond to impress! 

I decided to dress up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as a sort of last resort idea. I ordered it in plenty of time, which is quite unusual for me, and bought all of the little bits and pieces I needed. It was nice to avoid the last minute panic trying to find a costume! I might try to do this in future! 

This is a picture of me at the party this year versus the costume I had last year when I decided to go as a mouse. I thought it would be fun to compare the two nights! 
I really liked my costume this year. 

In an attempt to make our flat spooky we put up a few decorations around the place.
We have a downstairs den that is already quite spooky and dark, so we decided the main party should be held down there. Louisa and I put a trail of bats and some cobwebs leading down the stairs. 

There was also the obligatory craved pumpkin! We carved 3 this year but I only have a picture of the one I did, which I then made into a bowl for the sweets.

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!