Sunday, 6 November 2011

Today my grandparents came to visit me in Dundee and we decided to go a walk through Balgay park. It was such a nice walk and I took so many photos! The colours of the leaves when the sun was shining was amazing, it really feels like autumn has come. 

My gran wanted to have a look at the observatory so we trekked up to the top of hill and went to look at the telescope, which was run by a very nice guy who you can tell really loves space and stuff.. ha. Like a child trapped within a man. 
He showed me the tiger eye heart, which is in one of the pictures below. It is apparently my birthstone, although I always thought mine was the clear quartz! It was pretty though so I took it home with me.

The place was really quiet, we were practically the only ones there. On top of the building there's this shadow clock that allows you to stand on the correct month and it tells you the time according to the position of the sun, like a human sun dial! 
The place didn't have much else to offer, but the walk up was lovely. 

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