Sunday, 28 September 2014

Simple Sunday. (I'm back?)

I left Blogger a while ago to post elsewhere and focus on work in my final year of Uni, and since then have kind of forgotten to keep this space updated.

'IndigoTeacup' is a name I've left behind. I feel a bit sad about this as it's where I used to go speak my thoughts.
Thats not to say I haven't been active on the internet though, and I'll link in another post to some of the other places I frequent to update.

I'm going to try posting on here again. I use my other blog for work related/design posts, but I'd like my old space back to talk about day to day life. I used to find a great amount of joy in blogging, and I can't quite put my finger on why I lost that love. I think it's still there, buried away.

I'm going to start off with my weekend and see how it goes from there!

Yes I'm going to write about yoghurt. I bought this stuff on a whim the other day and it was honestly the highlight of my day. So thick, so creamy and ridiculously tasty. I'm aware I sound like an advert, but it just that good.
I'm not a huge yoghurt person, but over the last few weeks it's been my go to choice for breakfast. I usually just buy some plain natural yoghurt and add some cut up banana and honey. I swear by this combo.

I'll be on the look out for other flavours of The Collective Dairy, their russian fudge and luscious lemon looks fab.
Can't believe I've just given you a yoghurt review. Stay Tuned folks!

 I also just found these today. This was a gift from my mum from a while back. I never really use cases for my glasses because they pretty much stay on my face all the time! But I can't deny that this is cute.

Another new experience from this past few weeks has been trying out various Lush products. They're so popular already and I think everyone is pretty much in the loop about what their products are like, but I had never tried their bath bombs before and was pleasantly surprised. After getting over my initial fear that my skin would turn a vivid purple after looking at the colour of the water, I think they're pretty fun. The one pictured below is called Space Girl. This was actually the least exciting of the three I bought, the best being the Big Blue. My bath has been some amazing different shades of blue and purple! Will continue to experiment. 

I went shopping today and got me some new dresses! I love autumn because all my favourite types of prints come in. Lots of woodland creatures and fall colours. Autumn has always been my favourite season for clothes, so I'm really looking forward to next month when all the shops will start to really get all their autumn stock in.
For now here's a wee teaser, will post better pictures at a later date.
Check out those racoons!

I'm going to finish up there! I think thats enough yoghurt and bath bomb chat. Here's a picture of my miserable looking face, incase anyone is curious. I also just love the collar on this top!