Monday, 8 August 2011

Rule No.1: Everyone must drink from a teacup.

Hello! The party on Saturday was a major success so I thought I would just post a few (okay a lot, there were just too many to choose from) pictures from the evening! I put them all into one large photo so you aren't scrolling through picture upon picture.

Those were my favourites I think, and I definitely recommend drinking alcohol from teacups as it's such an amusing idea. The hats really add to the fun too and we kept swapping all night. You may have noticed that there's a girls face on a wooden spoon and that's because it was my flatmate Catie's birthday too, but unfortunately she couldn't be with us that night. She was away on holiday, the lucky thing!
The middle picture is a necklace with the deathly hallows on it that I received from my lovely friends back home, and said I would wear on the night.

In preparation for the party I also made some bunting from wrapping paper and ribbon for the kitchen! It was held together with these cute flower shaped split pins I had, and was a cheap alternative! It also meant I could put whatever I want on it, which turned out to be owls, of course! It was so simple to make and I think it turned out really well.
However, I don't think there's any sign of it in the pictures above so here's a few shots I took before it was put it up in the kitchen.

And to finish I would just love to thank my amazing flatmates for the gifts they got me.
My flatmates got me these, How cool are they?!

I'm in love with the bookends, one can never have too many owls in her room!


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  1. All of the pictures look so fun! :D And though I don't drink, I must say there is something classy about drinking alcohol out of a tea cup, hahaha. It sounds like such a fantastic night. And I definitely like your owl bookends. And your awesome DVD collection.