Sunday, 5 October 2014

SYGN - thats not ketchup.

I went up to Edinburgh to see my friend Fiona for an afternoon of shopping and food. The latter being more important to us!
In the morning it was absolutely pouring down but it managed to clear up by mid afternoon, which was a nice surprise as we left the restaurant. 

Speaking of restaurants (not subtle), we went into a place called Sygn. This place was pretty ace, and was the highlight of the day. We had both never been before so it was a nice surprise inside. There was an american vibe with lots of vintage looking signs and awesome visual design on the menu's. The windows had this weird bottle display which I never got a good photo of, and inside they had an old school popcorn machine that made the place smell amazing.

In the end we were spoilt for choice so we ordered two burgers and had half of each. We chose chorizo & pork and the cajun chicken with a sharing side of halloumi. This was a good call. The place does mainly pizza, hotdogs, salads and nachos, but their portions and food are great. 

I think in the end the cocktail we chose was the 'Flying V', containing Tanqueray gin with cherry and violet liqueure, lemon and an absinthe rinse. It tasted a bit like liquorice. 

They also had a variety of sauces, one of which was definitely not ketchup but a rather spicy chilli sauce. I realised this too late, don't make my mistake!
The ranch was beautiful. 

Food talk over!
I would love to go back there actually and I know Fiona will be going back because she lives near. Lucky. 
After that we were pretty full and I decided to head back at around five so I was home in time for Doctor Who. I have my priorities!

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