Sunday, 12 October 2014

Simple Sundays - Back to the Country.

This weekend I was visiting my parents. I always say I'm going 'home' when I head back to my mums, but the reality is that I've not lived there for about 5 years now. There's something about your parents house that will always be 'home' isn't there? It's where you grew up, and it's where you experience that feeling. You know the one, it's comfortable and safe. I don't think I'm going to grow out of saying that anytime soon.
I have some photos I'm going to post tomorrow as I'm just in the door and am too tired to be editing anything.
This weekend was really fun though. I went into Braehead with my mum on Saturday to go shopping for ski clothes for me. I've been saving up for a while, as I really wanted to buy myself a nice ski jacket for my holiday in January. I wore my mums last year and it was just a bit too big for me. I had only planned on getting the jacket, but by the end of the day I had a jacket, ski trousers and a shiny new helmet. All kitted out and ready to go! I then found a £20 note on the side of the street and took my mum out for some lunch! A good day indeed.
Today I went for a lovely walk through the country, took some photos and hopped back in the car to drive back up to Dundee!

Apologies for the brief post. I'll make it up another day!

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