Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Beautiful Moos, Barbed Wire and Quadcopters.

A little photo update of what I got up to this weekend whilst I was back home.
When I was a lot younger I don't think I truly appreciated where I grew up. At that age I was constantly annoyed that living in the country meant having to travel ten minutes in the car to reach my friends. I was never the go outside and play type, more the sit in my bedroom on Bebo type (when that was still a thing) I can't say that's changed very much if I'm to be completely honest. Except the Bebo part. R.I.P Bebo.
However, I now actually take the initiative to wander outside my bedroom when I have no plans. For those that do this daily, I commend you. I'm forever an internet loner.
I lived a few miles away from civilisation and the nearest points of interest to me were two trout farms and a church. Still, if you fancy a walk it's great, and if you fancy an even longer walk head up the road to Loudoun Hill. It's fairly near.

I really loved taking photos of the barbed wire fences. I don't understand why though, and by the time I got back I had loads and no explanation to offer my mum. I think it's just because it looked pretty?!
A beautiful moo. They kept staring at me as I was walking past. When you're by yourself that can be quite scary. Cows are pretty big, I often forget that! If one wanted to take me down, I wouldn't stand a chance in hell; a thought that crossed my mind several times on my walk.

Trying to take a selfie in strong wind is difficult. Note the teary eyes and combover. By the time I got home I think I'd cried all my make up off.

 This was fun. Steve and I went over towards Loudoun Hill and took the quadcopter out for a fly. Steve currently has about 4 of these in various shapes and sizes. He often shows me all his footage when he gets back (seriously, he goes out flying almost daily) but I had never been out and about with him whilst he was actually flying.
You know those scientists you see in films where they're standing in the middle of a field somewhere trying to track down a signal from an alien spacecraft, or pick up a frequency for some nearby satellite station? Well Steve kind of looks like one of those. Googles on, weird remote controller, standing in a field looking up and the little device is speaking telling him coordinates and altitudes. It was so funny to watch.
He asked me to hold the controller for a few minutes, a rare trust that must be gained with Steve and tech. I think I did a good job not to drop it.

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