Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mitchell, St Andrews - The Parentals are visiting!

My stepfather has never been to my flat before, and I've been in the same place for over a year now. They both drove up in the morning, had a cup of tea and then we jetted of for a walk around St Andrews.
I think overall St Andrews is a nicer place to stroll through compared to Dundee. It's a much more quaint town and it doesn't seem to be overrun with huge chain shops yet, which is a nice change to the city centre here.
We stopped for lunch at a place called Mitchell. This place just screams comfort from the outside. They had bags of fresh veg sitting outside and a deli up front with cheese, wine, meat, jams, chutneys, you name it! That's my personal idea of heaven. Inside had a rustic vibe with good basic food that was more about the produce than the complexity. Think anti pasti and big sandwiches.
I ordered a typical ploughman's with smoked ham, cheese and chutney. My mum had a classic breaded fish and chips and Steve pesto chicken. He had to avoid the gluten.
Afterwards we had a massive binge in the deli. I bought some pate, turkish delight, christmas coffee and stroopwaffels. My mum bought similar, but with a mulled cider spices for next weekend.

 I also had a hot chocolate as thats my go to drink when out for lunch. Mitchell luxury hot chocolate does not disappoint. I nearly died.

My 'haul' :

We headed back to the flat in the afternoon to watch the rugby, then went back out again for some dinner at Rishi's.
Rishi's is a new indian restaurant that has opened near me quite recently. They served the best pakora I've ever tried. Apart from that I spent the majority of the meal trying to work out what kind of fish was in my curry. Turns out it was kingfish so that was a new one for me!

Hope everyone else had a foodtastic weekend. I'm off to bake!

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