Sunday, 23 November 2014

Simple Sundays - Early Mornings, Baking and a Bike Ride.

My parents left this morning! Bright and early at 9am.
This of course meant I myself was up at eight and I'm paying for it this evening. I was so close to having an afternoon nap but managed to pull through. Life is so hard, right? ha.

I bought a bike a while ago so that travelling to and from work at night became less of a scary-wander -down-back-alleys-waiting-for-something-to-jump-out-at-me ordeal. Today I eventually got round to getting a helmet and light so I'm safe and visible whilst out. Don't want any stray cars hitting me as I'm riding about!
I did a practice run to and from work this morning. I have a route I'm used to already, but that path isn't very accessible via bike. Most of it was downhill on the way TO the office. The way back is as you would imagine, very uphill. I struggled.

I always love days when I actually wake up early and get out of the house to do something, but those don't seem to happen very often when it's not a week day. I feel like I've gotten so much done and it's only 6pm. I'll be ready for bed in a bit!
After fighting the urge to sleep I made some puff pastry bites with my own tomato relish, avocado, bacon and mozzarella. They were actually fab and I'll post a recipe up at some point. Such an easy snack to make.
And because I'm prone to something sweet along with my savoury, I made cupcakes. They look at bit grey in the photos but they're actually a lovely shade of pastel purple. They taste pretty fab too.

Now what do I do with my Sunday evening? I'm tired but not ready for bed. I'm not hungry but I have a mound of cupcakes to eat. And for the first time in forever I'm pretty much all caught up on my tv!
Might be best to just call it a day and watch a movie in bed.

Hope y'all have had a nice pleasant Sunday afternoon.

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