Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Reading Challenge 2015 - Yes Please

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I both laughed and cried at this book. I was a fan of Amy Poehler before reading and now I think of her as one of my role models. There are plenty of woman with strong voices out there killing it at the moment, and Amy is definitely one of them.
I'm a fan of any women who have the courage not to be ashamed of what they love. I try hard to project that myself and women like Amy Poehler help me and encourage that journey.

I could read a whole book of her just talking about her children. I could read another simply on her behind the scenes stories whilst working on SNL. I could have done with more Parks and Recreation related tales, but understandably thats the most recent chapter of her life.

Amy Poehler takes sense. I love people who talk sense.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves Amy Poehler and her work, but also to anyone who needs a little pick me up. She's great at giving you confidence, is funny as hell and passionate about her job and love of improv. I really enjoyed this book and hope others get the same feeling of love from that I do.

An update on what I've read so far:

A Trilogy - James Dashner, The Maze Runner series
A Play - Shakesspeare, Love Labours Lost
A Book with Magic - Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys
A Memoir - Amy Poehler, Yes Please

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