Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Trams and Trains and Games, Oh My!

February 27th is my best friends birthday so I took a few days off work to visit her in Edinburgh! I arrived by train and met Fiona for a quick lunch at a place called The Edinburgh Larder. I'd been craving a full breakfast for weeks and weeks and we picked this place specifically for that. However we arrived just after twelve when they had just finished serving breakfast. I was gutted.
I eventually got to meet baby Dylan who is Fiona's sister in law's baby. He is the cutest little thing, though I'm pretty sure he gave me his bug. I had a bad case of sickness on Friday night, as did Fiona and baby's grandfather. Surely not a coincidence?
Even looking at these photos now I'm getting sickness memories!

I say this a lot whenever I go down to Edinburgh, but I love Fiona's family. They're the type of people that treat you like one of their own. I've only met Moira and Robert a few times, yet I can sit down and have lunch with them when Fiona goes to a meeting. It's comfortable and welcoming.
Moira gave me a piece of her famous beetroot cake which was warm and with cream.

On Thursday morning I'm pleased to say I finally got the breakfast I'd been craving. Mimi's bakery was the destination of our dream breakfast. Thick slices of french toast, syrup and bacon. Fiona's had sausages and tomatoes. It was breakfast heaven and we were stuffed for the rest of the day.

 We also headed down to The Game Masters exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland. You pay to get in and are allowed to play with all these retro and modern games freely until the exhibition closes. We ended up playing some old school Donkey Kong, Pacman, Asteroids, Space Invaders and I had a few rounds on Elevator Action. I think that and Pacman were my favourite from the older machines. I also played some Mario 64 and we both had a go at Super Mario Bros and Harry Potter Lego, which was harder than it looked! We couldn't get past the troll in the girls bathroom. Seriously, how do you get past that thing?!

There's was a rule about no photography which was a shame, but I still took a sneaky photo of Fiona. Those machines were too cool not too.

We had a little walk around the museum too and did some Chinese crayon rubbings like children. Classic Fiona and Cassie day out really.

All in All in was a fun day and I'm just kind of bummed that by the evening I was starting to feel nauseous. Think I'll stay away from sicky babies from now on!

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