Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Reading Challenge 2015 - The Raven Boys

WARNING : I will most like talk plot points, so SPOILERS. 

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

This series is my new current obsession. I went into this not expecting too much, as I made the time honoured mistake of judging a book by its cover. The sheer mention of 'true love' made me question whether this was going to be another twilight mistake. However, I'm so pleasantly surprised by this story. I love it.

I have a deep love for witches, psychics, myths, legends and all things magical, and this book does a good job of including those, whilst somehow not over doing it.
The story does focus on the inevitable relationship between Blue and Gansey, yet somehow doesn't make it the main plot interest. There's plenty of other plot points that are far more interesting. The mystery of Noah, possibly one of my favourite characters, and the abusive relationship with Adam and his father had me on the verge of tears.
I just think this book does a great job of making me love these characters. They're all so different and so complex. I'm dying to read the next two to hear more about Ronan's back story. I'm aware that Gansey will eventually sneak his way into Blue's heart and I'm waiting for the confrontation and heart ache of poor Adam, who I guess will be cast aside. It's going to hurt, and I'm going to love it.

Adam is possibly my favourite character, along with Blue. I love Adam's independence and unwillingness to let others have any say over his life. Except of course for the relationship he has with his father, which somehow makes him more human than any of the other characters. His story arc builds till be eventually breaks.
Blue is such a strong person. She's sensible, which I like. I've read so many books where the main protagonist is strong, yet kind of foolish or reckless. Blue seems to be aware of the consequences of her actions, which is refreshing.

I've probably said enough. I ordered the next two in the series and cannot wait for them to arrive. I need my fix!
I had a look to see what I could categorise this under on the list, and I think I'll count it as my book with magic. I want to read the rest but I'm not sure I'll count them in the final total.
Onto the next one!

An update on what I've read so far :

A Trilogy - James Dashner, The Maze Runner series
A Play - Shakespeare, Love Labours Lost
A Book with Magic - Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys

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